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Over 2000 members and counting! Any members who would like to add their photo to the members list, please follow the link for instructions:

IO Squad Leaders

Alea Holland – “Commander Rook”

IO Founder/Commanding Officer & UK Squad Leader

Mikael Ries Andersson – “Captain Dodger”

Sweden Squad Leader

Anton Kall – “Sergeant Scratch”

Sweden Squad – Co-Squad Leader

Jacob Smith

Sweden Squad – Co-Squad Leader

Tony Cleland – “TK666”

Australia Squad Leader

Kris Fulkerson – “KFULK1”

Pacific Northwest Squad Leader (USA)

Jon Markiewitz – “TK927”

‘Wretched Hive’ Nevada Squad Leader (USA)

Clint Williams

Pacific Coast Squad Leader (USA) & lead Designer

Cheeseman James

Emerald Empire Squad Leader (USA)

Michael Jorgensen – “ST101”

‘Nebraska Vanguards’ Midwest Region Squad Leader (USA)

Jose Nieves 

Puerto Rico Division Squad Leader

Roberto Gomez

Puerto Rico Division Co-Squad leader


Eric Maldonado

Puerto Rico Division Co-Squad Leader

Juan Ayala

Puerto Rico Division Co-Squad Leader

Tamara Traverso

Puerto Rico Division Co-Squad Leader

Eunice Santana 

Puerto Rico Division Co-Squad Leader

Alexander Bock

German Squad Co-Squad Leader

Dennis Wilhelm

German Squad  Co-Squad Leader

Members by Costume Type:

UK –  StormtroopersSandtroopersSnowtroopersImperialsSithMandalorians – CreaturesJediRebels

Sweden Stormtroopers – Imperials – Scout TroopersSithRebels

Germany – StormtroopersSithJediImperials

Australia – StormtroopersSith

USA – StormtroopersImperialsScout TroopersSithMandaloriansJedi

Japan – StormtroopersClone Troopers

Canada – Stormtroopers

Belgium – Stormtroopers

Singapore – StormtroopersImperials

Malyasia – Stormtroopers

Hungary – Stormtroopers

Puerto RicoStormtroopers SithRebelsImperialsMandaloriansBounty HuntersJediCreatures & DroidsOther

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