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Welcome To Imperial Outlanders

We are a non-profit world wide Star Wars costume club whose main focus is to build a great community of costumed fans. You do not need a ‘movie cannon’ costume to join, all levels of accuracy are accepted. Or if you are looking to put together your own suit, sign up and become part of the Outlanders community! (Free to sign up)

-Video by Jacob Smith

“For every Star Wars cosplayer has the right to be a part of something bigger”

Have a Facebook account? Visit our group page where members chat and organise local events –facebook+logo+png+transparent+background

Imperial Outlanders Basic Rules
Anyone who is part of the group remember that you are not just representing yourself, you are representing the Outlanders:

  • We are here to co-exist with all other groups. Not compete. No degrading posts or actions towards other people or groups will be allowed here.
  •  When in and out of costume you are are representing this group. you are responsible for your own actions and must be aware of how they affect the reputation of the group. IO does not hold any responsibility for your actions.
  • We do not do any events for profit or to promote things like shops/brands that are not related to Star Wars. Only Charity work and free appearances.
  • No spamming on any of the pages is allowed.
  • Harassment, bullying or violent conduct will not be tolerated.
  • If any members have any work of theirs they wish to sell then by all means please use the pages but IO branded stuff can only come from the main site store as it helps pay for the running of the site and making more items for the group.
  • Anyone found breaking the rules will be issued one warning before a ban. Or if necessary a full ban will be issued depending on context.
  •  If you wish to set up a squad, contact the CO. To be eligible to a squad you must have a minimum of 5 people in your area.
  • If you have and queries/ideas/suggestions please run them past the CO via the FB group or the ‘Contact Us’ page
  • Enjoy and have fun!




ImperialOutlandersEnlist– Poster By Outlander member Gregory Siow (Red 7)

– Poster by Outlander member Mikael Andersson

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