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    Hi Guys,

    I hope you are all well! I’m new here and am currently waiting delivery of a Stormtrooper costume and would love some advice from anyone who may be able to help!

    I’m interested in adding a voice changer mechanism into the helmet so it makes me sound like a proper Stormtrooper when I speak when wearing the helmet…

    Does anyone kindly have any suggestions or sources to any products that might offer a solution for me?

    Many thanks guys! Appreciate any and all comments! Super excited to get trooping!

    Have a lovely day all.


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    Alford Stormtrooper
    Alford Stormtrooper

    I have currently started using TRamp which has a bunch of sound loops for a variety of costumes as well as slightly altering your voice. Actual voice changers of course aren’t cheap and Tramp is £165 for basic more for remotes etc. I started off just using an Aker voice amp which boosts but doesn’t change it but does allow you to play the sound loops through it. Much cheaper option and easier to get going especially if just splashed out on trooper.

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