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    Hi all I really like the look of the shoulder pauldrons that the sandies wear and was wondering if they can be worn by standard TK’s? Looking through various web articles it seems some can be worn. For my job I’m a medic for the ambulance service and saw a short piece saying that medics wore red Pauldrons it’d be great if I could get a red one! I know it’s not strictly original but be a nice addition. Can anyone confirm this info? Ta all.

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    i have my black and white one coming. promoted myself to sergeant 🙂

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    Cam Garcia
    Cam Garcia

    Hiya, I’m Cam; from the US and especially from California. I’m thinking of being a Medic, and after researching a lot of information, the Medics wear a Red Pauldron. However in other sources the Pauldrons for a Medic is “Bronze”, and the closest ones comes to the Bronze spectrum is “Brown”.

    If you look at the site “”, you’ll see pauldrons in various colors, including gray, white, blue, red, green, etc, etc… But no Bronze, so the only close color is a brown color that they carry.

    I hope this helps you..

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