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Making a costume

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    Ben Sherman

    hi I’m going to make a stormtrooper costume for me and my freinds I’m thinking of making it out of cardboard then covering it with a wall filler pra and something else mix, but that was only the helmet that the man did on the tutorial, should I make the whole thing out of cardboard??

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    Kris Fulkerson
    Kris Fulkerson

    Im not good enough to make a helmet so i bought mine. but i used PVC pipe for my armor. if your helmet turns out nice, then go for it.
    check this link. it may give you some ideas. i found it on Youtube.

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    I found a ton of free templates online that look really good. The helmet one i found when searching “stormtrooper helmet templates” and and found photos of it and went to the link they had

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