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Greetings all

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    Hello, I wish to introduce myself to you.
    My name is Jesper and I am from Denmark.

    Status: I am about to complete my Republic Commando Delta 1138 armor by adding the Republic Commando boots.

    My history and passion for Star Wars is is long. I remember watching A New Hope for the first time, when I was around 5 years old, on Danish television. Then shortly after when I was 7 years old I got the pleasure to wait The Empire Strikes Back in the Danish cinema. Etc.

    Then came the prequels and again I was impressed.
    Though my first armor was an imperial Stormtrooper, my ultimate passion became the Clone Troopers more precisely the Clone Commandos.

    Next project will be an Imperial Stormtrooper though 🙂
    My inspiration to do this came from the Star Wars book Tarkin where a certain Sergeant Crest is introduced and I wish make him.

    Lastly I wish thank you for letting me into your group and looking forward to meet you one day.

    Vode an!

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    Welcome to the outlanders! Sorry this is very late message. I to am new member so, welcome

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