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Member Photo Submissions

Previously photo submissions have been sent to me to edit but currently I don’t have the time to edit those that do come in (Sorry!). So im making the template available here so people can edit their photo to be submitted to the members page. You need: A decent quality picture to fit the frame […]

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Event Postings

Hey Troops! If anyone has any events that they are attending you can either post about it in the Holonet forums or send a message to with the event information and I can post it up on the events page! Many thanks! Commander Rook

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Recruiting Squad Leaders

Hi guys! Our community is slowly growing now with members from all over the world which is absolutely incredible! Thank you all for being a part of this Star Wars family! With our increase in members I shall soon be looking at having some of you guys help run the group. Squads will be set […]

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Join The Imperial Outlanders

Imperial Outlanders Enrolment

This site was created for the purpose that everyone has a home in the galaxy and that everyone can share ideas, pictures, discuss topics and talk all things Imperial. Anyone and everyone are welcome to join us, whether you are new to cos play and don’t yet have any armour or you are a longstanding […]

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