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Imperial Outlanders have now teamed up with Shepperton Design Studios!

SDS is a UK based company who produced the Stormtrooper armour for New Hope back in 1976 and continue to make them to this day.  They create various versions of Stormtrooper armour and Rebel costumes as well as props and merchandise. SDS armour is something that many members of the Outlanders troop with and we are pleased to say that very soon we will be selling some of their products through our store page.

Anything from SDS that IO sell will take a small commission which will then be put back into the upkeep of the club as we are a non-profit group. We hope to provide an easy option to get new cosplayers into the world of Star Wars costuming should they choose to go with anything from SDS. Of course it is here just as an option as we allow all kind of costumes into the Imperial Outlanders and club members are always willing to help you research which costume will suit you best.

Thank you to the team at Shepperton for joining up with us! Check them out at:

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